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information up to purple gear

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*I've never ran statistics on my own to find the ultimate answer. All the info here is based on my own experience with the game and knowledge other players shared.

This guide is made for leveling before you set up your endgame gear, meaning ql 1-10blue.

Gear ql and zones
Each zone has a general average ql planned for it. It's easy to tell by the drops you're getting (same ql as the zone) but I should say that you'll need the minimum of atleast  this average ql to be at:
Savage Coast - ql 1
Blue Mountain - ql 3
The Scorched Desert - QL  5
City of the Sun God - ql 6
*Transylvania - You'll get ql 10 drop in Trans and quickly catch up to ql 10, can be done with ql 8.
The Sunken Library - 10 blue
Kaidan - 10 purple

Having higher average ql on your gear will be very helpful and almost unavoidable if you're questing and not rushing through the story to reach trans but having lower than that will make it extremely hard even with the right build. You don't have to do all the missions in every zone to move on (if you feel like having some challenge), and you can repeat missions after the cooldown is off for extra xp. I've seen people going with lower for the challenge so it's possible but unadvised.

The easiest way to go around is DPS. Being tanky will make fight last longer and having healing doesn't mean much when you can kill something before it kills you. The only reason I see for having healing and tank gear is for doing dungeons with people that have about the same QL talismans as you. There are lots of geared and experienced players in the game nowadays and having a full group of people around the same QL as you is rather rare. If one of the DPS is overgeared compared to the tank, the tank won't be able to keep aggro from him even if he has good build and appropriate gear for his level.
This is why I focus on DPS in this guide.

You can craft talismans, glyphs, potions, stimulants, kick backs and weapons. You can find all about the formulas and how they work if you google "tsw crafting". Even though you have all of these options the only things you might want to remember how to craft are glyphs so you could get the stats you want with your talismans. The rest are mostly either given or dropped, and the game is easy enough at the beginning for you to not worry about using a low QL potion you got in Kingsmouth while fighting something in Egypt. Don't forget to break down the things you don't need for materials (using the assembly window (Y)). You can upgrade those materials in the same window to get mats for your current QL.

Talismans have their own stats and almost always come with glyphs. The talisman stats are Health, Attack Rating and Heal Rating. Any other stat on a talisman belong to glyphs and signets, although special signets that come with the talismans are more rare and drop only in specific locations like dungeons and raids. Other stats such as hit, penetration, block etc'… belong to glyphs. Glyphs can be replaced with other glyphs of the appropriate talisman level or lower. You'll notice that green talismans come with split stats and to follow this guild pick those with higher attack rating.

The only glyphs you need until you finish the Carpathian Fangs (which is a pretty big portion) are offensive ones as you're able to kill everything before it kills you with the right stats and build. For that you'll want to glyph your talisman, given the choice, with hit rating and penetration rating. At QL 10 blue gear your get a total of about 700 points from your gear and weapon so don't expect to hit high numbers untill later.

Stats, meta
Stats give you 2 different things.
1- A % of something happening.
2- A threshold cap, raw number.
I treat these two things almost separately because I feel like this is how the game treats them.
%  – Say you have a 10% chance to penetrate and the enemy has 10% chance to block. It'll spread as 10 hits that penetrate, 10 that are blocked, and 80 normal hits out of 100 hits. This is just statistically ofcourse, spikes do happen.
Threshold – Threshold is measured against your enemy's counter stat threshold and will influence the activation of these stats. Ok ok, so what it means? If your penetration stat is much higher than the block of your enemy he will block you less than his actual block %. Ultimately you need about 350 MORE points in whatever stat to completely eliminate the happening if your enemy's counter stat. So with 450 penetration on you and 100 block on your target, your target will (supposedly) never block your hits. In this case you'll get the penetration % 450 points would give you and the rest will be normal hits, with no blocks at all.
*Don't worry about getting that high on a stat as you don’t have as many available stat points and your enemy's defenses are much lower. At this point.

Hit and pen over hit and crit… Hit like a truck, safely.
Today's meta dictates that critical give more DPS than penetration. It's true provided you have enough crit rating and crit power to make it happen, and as always – the right build to utilize those stats. And you still need hit rating to cover for evasion.  Spreading your glyphs to 3 stats before you get to purple items will tax both your % and threshold and won't be so effective, as you don't have enough glyph point to do that. Penetration+hit, compared to crit+crit power+hit, is a much easier way to get more damage and higher stat value. In addition hit rating covers for the same stats as critical so having your enemy evade or glancing still isn’t a problem, AND you get to penetrate way more. Go hit+pen.
The ratio of hit:pen is 1:1. If you have to choose go with Hit as it's a higher priority for DPS.

Stats, offensive

Hit rating counters evasion and glance. An evaded hit will deal no damage.
Critical rating counters glance. Unlike most games critical won't result in x2 damage. Instead it gives you additional damage. This damage is set to +25% without bonuses or critical power stat changes. An enemy gets penalty for glancing in a form of a small amount of damage, based on the damage you would have done. It is possible to penetrate and glance, but not to crit and glance as those stat counter one another. A glanced+penetrated hit will still do a very small amount of damage.
Critical power increase the damage of your critical hits. The base critical damage/power (Critical Power stat at 0) give 25% extra damage to critical hits.
Penetration rating counters block. It's possible to land a critical and blocked hit, although it would still deal a very small amount of damage as the block will mitigate a lot of the damage. Penetrating means that you hit your enemy without it's defenses being calculated in the damage formula. Damage from that varies based on the enemy you're fighting but will generally give you +75% damage.
Basically then (and from what I've seen when making new character to test it), a crit-pen will give you x2 damage.

Dungeon behavior
Dungeons are made to present a challenge for 5 people with the gear appropriate to the zone. This means, for example, that Polaris on Normal difficulty (the one found in Kingsmouth) is suited for 5 people with QL 2-3 gear. This means that monsters have more HP, deal more damage and have various mechanics that you can overcome as a group. TSW is a learning game. If you fail at something it's most likely because you're missing something, not underperforming. For example – The 'normal' dungeons are rather forgiving but elite and Nightmare (nm) dungeons have things that will 1-shot everyone but the tank, place a demand for minimal DPS (dps checks), a specific method of healing etc'…
This is why:
1- Everyone should stay away from the tank unless the situation demands otherwise.
A lot of bosses cleave, hitting in a cone rather than a single target. Some do chain attacks, some have AoEs you can't impair and so on. This is why you should let the tank manage the boss's behavior by giving it space. In places like 3rd fight in Hell Raised, where the boss does a single target attack and everyone should look for a safe place to stand it's okay to be where the tank is.
2- Watch your feet.  
Spreading things that kill us on the ground is Funcom's way of telling us that the fight is a hard one, so there's plenty of that everywhere. Standing in a death-thing means you're out meaning you'll often have to spam your rotation with only partial attention as you're dodging artillery, falling rocks, lasers etc'… If you can go through the ankh without touching the orbs you know you can dance.
3- Keep others in mind.
In the 5th boss of Polaris (squidy head) the small adds will go for your healer rather than the tank. Random people might touch an orb in Ankh. Your healer might not fire Reap and Sew during one of Hell Eternal's Occluding Lens or maybe your tank didn't hit the boss yet, leaving the aggro for the taking.  All of those need your attention as DPS. It's also OK to mess up every once and again- it takes time to learn all of those specific things.
4 - Are you funky?
If you decide to go melee dps against all of my recommendations (because melee dps is awesome, frankly) you'll have to position yourself properly. While this change with the boss a general good spot for melee-ing a boss is behind the boss. You'll be in a lot of "danger close" zones and your attention will probably need to go to what the tank does with the boss.

While each weapon has it's own set of abilities and style  it's possible to use passive abilities from everywhere on the ability wheel. This allow for some very potent combinations.
To help with that, we have an ability search window on the right side of the ability window. It can not only search for abilities but also for certain entries like 'critical' or 'pbaoe'.
I've made a list of passive abilities I found usable with any weapon combination if you follow my suggestions (that is, stacking your gear with hit/pen).
Bloodsport – Every time you hit you apply a weak Damage Over Time (DoT) that can stack up to 3 times.
^ Gross Anatomy [Elite]- Every time you apply an afflict you deal and additional hit. This combined with Bloodsport is an easy way to get extra damage. This extra damage can also crit, pen etc'…
^ Iron Maiden- Every time you penetrate an afflicted target you gain +15% chance to land a penetrating hit. Goes well with Bloodsport. From my experience as long as you're hitting something that's afflicted once this ability goes up it doesn't go down.
Sudden Return – When you penetrate you perform an additional hit. With all the penetrating that's going on here this is great, and it can penetrate too!
Elemental Force- After hitting 6 times you gain +20% chance to crit. This takes care of your crit rating for the time being. Easy to get and very powerful.
Fatal Flourish- After hitting 6 times you gain +20% chance to penetrate. This is easier to get than Iron Maiden and excellent until purple gear. Unlike Iron Maiden you'll end up swapping this for something else later.
I'll leave this spot for whatever you'll find useful. Do you want Immortal Spirit from a bit of survivability? Brawler for extra crit damage? Aidelon for your Blaze? Social Dynamo for your Strike ability? I'll let you choose, and look those abilities up! I'd go with Brawler myself, just for the extra 'Paw!'
*Rapid Getaway [Elite] – If you find Gross Anatomy too far away you can always go for this. Whenever you're using a consumer you're getting a bit of movement speed and +10% chance to critically hit.

Actives- Here's a few active abilities from each weapon to get you started. Not all of them are easy to get to but they're worth it as they offer high DPS.

Elemental - Ignite, Blaze, Lightning Manifestation
Blood - Bloodline, Bloodshot
Chaos - Run Rumpant, Call for Eris, Four Horseman
Blade - Grass Cutter, Clearing the Path, Destiny/Binding Wounds
Fist - Prey on the Weak, Tear 'Em up/One-Two
Hammer - Smash, Molten Steel
Pistol - The Business, Start & Finish
Shotgun – Striker, requires more investigation
Rifle - Safety Off, Three Round Burst


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